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Six trends in bloom

Everyone says spring is the time of year for renewal; a time to take a fresh look at our lives professionally and personally. I don’t buy it. I say there is no time like the present to find ways to adopt many of the new ideas that are popping up around us all the time like crocuses after the winter. Here are 6 hot trends, just cool enough to still be blooming this time next year.

Photo: Courtesy Buddha in Your Glass

Photo via Buddha in Your Glass

1. Roses — and Rose Wine — are Abloom

I have my new favorite, Belle Glos Pinot Noir Blanc. It’s the perfect spring wine, a rich pink in color with a light fruit finish; perfect for dining al fresco by the pool. This Sonoma County wine is known as oeil-de-perdrix, a French term meaning “eye of the partridge” that refers to the wine’s beautiful color and it should be served very cold (45-52 degrees F). What makes this particular wine especially delicious is that a portion of the proceeds from the sale of the bottle will go towards ongoing research for breast cancer.

Photo: Los Angeles Times

Photo via Los Angeles Times

2. Chocolate and Chicken, Oh My

ChocoChicken is the newest venture by Umami restaurateur Adam Fleischman. The restaurant is slated to open in May and is drawing attention for its unique ingredients involving both chocolate and chicken. It will also serve mashed potatoes with white chocolate and ketchup with dark chocolate. Fleishman is hoping to do for chicken what Umami did for the burger. The chicken is steeped in a 12-hour marinade that includes chocolate, then dredged in flour sifted with chocolate, and finally patted down with a 17-spice rub. Rather than being sweet, the result is more reminiscent of a Mexican mole. They are already expanding this concept with new restaurants opening in food-forward cities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York. Get ready to stand in line for that drumstick. Expect this flavor combination at summer events this year!



Photo: Courtesy Exquisite Book of Paper Flowers

Paper geraniums by Livia Cetti. Photo via Exquisite Book of Paper Flowers

3. Say It with Paper

The paper flowers of Livia Cetti are almost better than the real thing. They are gorgeous, don’t need water, and they won’t die. Now Cetti, the country’s most well-known paper-flower artist (she has created paper floral arrangements for White House events) has a book out called The Exquisite Book of Paper Flowers. It not only has stunning photographs of her work, it also showcases her until-now secret techniques for creating 27 popular blooms, including peonies, poppies, roses and hibiscus. Designers of all levels can get her techniques on creating individual flowers, as well as how to combine blooms to form 20 exquisite garlands, centerpieces, wreaths, corsages and boutonnieres.


An app that lets you say anything.

An app that lets you say anything.

4. Parlez-vouz Spanish?

One of my favorite spring apps by iSpeech is “Translator.” This free, nifty little app allows the user to type in a sentence in any language and it comes back translated into any language. Not only will the translation appear in text, but the audio application even gives the user the correct pronunciation; perfect for those oversea events or for that well-deserved vacation.


A financial conversion app.

A financial conversion app.

5. That’s Gonna Cost Me What?!

Another free app for international work and play that saves a lot of euros is “Convert.” This is a currency app where you can type in dollars from any country and it will instantly convert to U.S. dollars. Likewise, you can also convert U.S. dollars into foreign currencies. The app updates the exchange rate on a daily basis, allowing you to stick to your daily budget.


Andy Warhol and the original photo selfie with Polaroid

Andy Warhol and the original photo selfie with Polaroid

Today's Polaroid Z2300 Selfie

Today’s Polaroid Z2300 Selfie

6. Take a Silly Selfie

Polaroid’s Z2300 new digital instant camera is a point-and-shoot camera with a flash and a 3-inch LCD screen on the back, an SD card slot, and a mini USB port for uploading shots to your computer. And, it can automatically print your photo in a two-by-three-inch sheet. Each sheet has a backing that can be peeled off to expose an adhesive surface. Recently, I attended a party where guests were asked to take a selfie, print it, and stick the photo on to a page in a guest book. The host provided colorful pens, interesting stickers and funny glasses that guests could choose to utilize to personalize their message. Guests stood in line to participate; it was a big hit! Best of all, this camera is priced under $200.

So there you have it! Six great ideas that enable you to tune in with tech, connect with each other, and enjoy new sensations in food and beverage. Take advantage of the renewed energy you have, you’ll need it as summer heats up!

About the author : Hillary Harris

Hillary Harris

As the visionary at the helm of Warner Bros. Studios Special Events, Hillary creates and produces more than 275 events per year, both on the Warner Bros. Studios lot in Burbank and at outside venues. Harris’ team services not only Time Warner and Warner Bros. Entertainment clients, but also an impressive list of corporate clients that range from DIRECTV and MTV to Mercedes-Benz and Apple. She has served as a featured speaker at national and regional conferences and serves on the advisory board of 2 event publications Biz Bash and Event Solutions. Harris was inducted in to the Event Solutions Hall of Fame in 2014.

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