Dazzling Blue…the OTHER Color of the Year

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DazzBlueSwatchAfter much debate at the beginning of the year, Radiant Orchid beat out the vibrant Dazzling Blue as Pantone’s 2014 Color of the Year, leaving many curious as to which color would really be the hot trend in 2014.

Although it didn’t take the crown, Dazzling Blue has become a consistent accent throughout the winter and, now, spring seasons, pairing well with pastels, neutrals and even bright color varieties. As we head into a summer of more bold colors, you can plan on seeing a lot more of this bright blue hue.

Here are some beautiful examples of how this vivid shade is appearing in events around the world:

As an accent color in décor and accessories…


On the table, brightening up food and beverage stations…


Changing the tone of events through cool lighting…


And taking charge as the primary color!


However you use Dazzling Blue in your designs this year, it will create a beautiful and vibrant effect, adding a contemporary look to any event.


eNews May 2014

About the author : Alyssa Brooks

Alyssa Brooks

Alyssa Brooks is the Marketing Manager for Event Solutions and Catersource. She enjoys planning and marketing events and is always seeking fun and creative new ideas to share with the industry.

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