A Modern Hanukkah

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Hanukkah Trends

Hanukkah, the Festival of Lights, is a centuries-old holiday, celebrated with variations of traditions passed down from generation to generation. As one of the most eagerly anticipated holidays for both young and old, it is the perfect opportunity to personalize the expression of one’s faith. Families are getting more creative and incorporating new and unique elements, inspired by Pinterest, Facebook, and the wealth of ideas available on the Internet, delivering a fresh take on the holiday classics.

No time to scour the web for all of the latest and greatest ideas? We’ve compiled some of the most fun Hanukkah trends of this year for you. Chag Sameach!

Getting Into the Spirit

Hanukkah is a holiday full of fun: eight nights of gifts, interactive games, latkes (potato pancakes), jelly donuts and chocolate gelt (money) – what’s not to love?

Hanukkah Trends

Families are thinking ahead, and organizing entertaining and engaging activities and crafts for the kids. Involve your guests in creating the décor or decorating cookie favors for your celebration. Paint pre-made menorahs, or host a Hanukkah manicure or flash tattoo party!

Creative and Modern Décor

Hanukkah décor can be simple and festive. Set off blue, gold, and white solid color plates or linens with accent pieces featuring a Hanukkah-inspired motif. Fill a vase with dreidels to add holiday spirit to your home or to your holiday tablescape. Project a custom gobo as an accent on the wall to enhance your event with seasonal lighting. There are many more options than nights to celebrate!

Hanukkah Trends

Consider lighting a modern menorah this year, to embrace a contemporary twist on tradition, like the below metallic menorah by Jonathan Adler. Gorgeous Judaica can create an eye-catching focal point during the holiday season.

Hanukkah Trends

New Take on Old Recipes

Diets have certainly changed since the early traditional Hanukkah meals were devised, and menu options are available to suit almost every palate. For example, the gluten-free lifestyle has become extremely prevalent and can be challenging for some to accommodate. Luckily, our gluten-abstaining friends and family don’t have to miss out on delicious sufganiyot (jelly donuts) and other traditional treats, as there are many new accommodating recipes, like these Gluten-Free Jelly Donuts!

Seasonal produce can make your mealtime dishes even more unique. Adding warm, comforting winter flavors like butternut squash and sage to your latke base (with gluten- free flour if necessary), puts a new spin on the classic Hanukkah treat. The result is a winning combination to enhance your modern celebration.

If you’re having an intimate get-together with the immediate family, or hosting a larger party, make sure there is something for everyone. Whether it’s accommodating food sensitivity or making sure the little ones are entertained, ensuring your guests are all happy will keep you, the host, happy and stress-free­–and that’s the best recipe for a successful holiday party!

We wish you a happy and healthy Hanukkah!

eNews December 2014

About the author : Cigall Goldman and Sheryl Daboosh

Cigall Goldman and Sheryl Daboosh

Cigall Goldman and Sheryl Daboosh are the founders of Mazelmoments.com, the award-winning website that makes it easy and fun to plan any Jewish-inspired event including a wedding, bar & bat mitzvah or baby celebration. The mazelmoments blog keeps you up to date on the latest trends, and shares expert advice to help you create an unforgettable celebration!

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