2015 Event Trend Preview

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As we continue moving into the new year, design trends and fads will start taking shape to give us a better understanding of what 2015 will really mean for events. Will Pantone’s color of the year, Marsala, really take over design palettes? Will locally-made treats continue to be the choice wedding favor? Only time will tell what’s to come in the world of special events, but like it or not, these trends have passed the test of time and are here to stay in 2015!


Alternative Venues
Warehouses, museums, auditoriums, you name it. Possibly one of the best trends of 2014 was the movement into unique venues. Moving away from banquet centers allows for your imagination to run wild–or as far as your budget will take you!

Paper Flowers
Of all the wonderful things you can create with a little bit of paper, floral walls and paper flower décor were a huge trend in 2014 and we don’t foresee them dying any time soon. This craft is incredibly versatile and can meet the needs of your vintage, DIY and budget-friendly clients while still remaining beautiful and unique.


Marquee Lights
What a great way to bring lighting into an event! The rebirth of marquee signs has managed to swiftly move through the event scene and into home and business décor as well. Whether it’s initials, symbols or full words, marquees have a memorable impact on attendees and also add charm without breaching the lines of too vintage or too modern.

Did you know carrots are the most popular vegetable side in the country right now? Of all the masterpieces created inside a catering kitchen, seasonal foods that are freshly pulled out of the garden are still leading the way and giving farm-to-table caterers a leg up on the competition.


Bite-sized Menus
Cakes and entrees are in no way obsolete, but passed hors d’oeuvres and small plates are still big at catered events. Corporate clients are continuing to try and save money by opting for appetizers instead of full meals and wedding couples are choosing mini dessert options to please more palates. Keeping menu items small and passed also relaxes the atmosphere and keeps attendees moving and talking throughout the event space.

As the use of mobile phones, computers and tablet devices continues to grow, so does the use of gaming applications. More and more, attendees of events are looking for ways to interact and compete with each other to win prizes and get noticed in between sessions and activities. The use of technology continues to expand and we’re looking forward to seeing how gamification is enhanced in 2015.

While there are dozens of trends that have survived the New Year, these six ideas will continue to be used and enhanced in the year to come.


eNews January 2015

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