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Stamford Tent & Event Services, CT
Rental Company of the Year


Established in 1953, Stamford Tent & Event Services provides tenting, flooring, HVAC, lighting and other products and services related to the event services industry.

We produce more complex, private social events than almost any other tent rental company in the country. The reason is our attention to detail. Our entire organization is focused on the little things that set us apart. Things that you don’t necessarily see, but when you’re in our tent, you know the difference. We don’t participate in commercial, industrial or large sporting events. We understand social events. It’s what we do.

Stamford Tent has been built on a set of core business values that are still valid today and a vital part of our company and success. While others are satisfied to merely rent tents, we have focused on a ‘whole-event’, team-oriented approach to every event we are involved in. We are more than tent renters; we are an event partner of our clients. We hold ourselves accountable for the success of the entire project, not just the portion for which we are responsible. We assist and contribute wherever necessary to help achieve a successful event. Our core values as a company is to be a supporting supplier that event producers and end users alike can rely upon to achieve success time and time again, while providing peace of mind. Our proven track record of consistently exceeding customer’s expectations is why we have a significant number of repeat jobs and long-term relationships with our customers.

Each year is unique for Stamford Tent because while we work on annual projects that are similar from year to year, a bulk of our social and corporate projects are one-time events and therefore present different challenges and a further sense of satisfaction. From a brand new air beam structure that has never been seen before in the industry, to social events calling for completely custom, awe inspiring tenting and flooring, 2014 has been a great success for our company and loyal clientele.

The new air beam structure was certainly a challenging and therefore satisfying project. Often times we are called on to help create a confined outdoor experience on rooftops and/or high rise patios and decks in New York City and elsewhere. The logistical challenge during some of these projects could be daunting, in regard to securing all of our equipment onto these rooftops and decks. The air beam structure allows us the ease to complete this task in a relatively easy and cost effective manner, without cranes or cutting equipment to fit into elevators, only to re-create the equipment once it’s secured on the rooftop. This takes a great deal of time and effort and therefore quite costly. The initial application was for a black tie, Carnegie Hall event which will be explained further in the additional portions of our application.

We get a great deal of satisfaction from helping our clients realize their dream and there have been instances where our crew – qualified carpenters – have had to build steps and landings from scratch to gain entrance and exit from a particular building where otherwise our client would not have been able to utilize the facility, which was their dream. While “making dreams come true” might be a bit dramatic for us to claim ourselves, the feedback from our clients in this regard is what keeps us all striving for perfection and providing job satisfaction that is unlike anything we can aptly describe.

Stamford Tent also values our employees because it’s no secret that our success has been built by our people. From the office staff, to project managers, foreman and installation crews, we continue to offer the highest level of training programs to ensure that our employees have the highest level licensing and qualifications, while excelling in customer service and the ability to assist our clients on some of the most important days of their lives. We have celebrated engagements, marriages, newborns and professional satisfaction with several promotions and personal development. We are grateful to have so many long term employees who put forth the utmost effort to help the entire team realize the success that our company strives for.

A great year indeed. We look forward in anticipation to an even better 2015, full of new challenges and further success.

Event Showcase one

Carnegie Hall Opening Night, Carnegie Hall

This project started as a separate consulting project several years ago during a massive renovation of the Carnegie Hall building. As the needs of the client evolved, and a specific event was targeted, the project continued to evolve into what was created and installed on October 1st.

Carnegie Hall hosted their annual gala on a rooftop on NYC. All equipment had to be brought up to the 9th floor roof terrace via a single freight elevator. No piece of equipment could exceed 12’ and the tent had to be anchored to the structural steel of the building, while having the directive that the structure must be unique and different. We also could not use a crane for budgetary reasons and therefore, in conjunction with several vendors, we had developed the 52’x93’ Air Beam Structure, the first of its kind.

The structural steel was installed by Andrew Carnegie over 100 years earlier which added to the complexity of the project. Unique, custom baseplates were designed to attach to the structural steel of the roof which sit recessed below the roof deck.

The event was a resounding success and the clients were very pleased with the final outcome and how it captured their initial vision. We just produced another corporate event at this venue and interest continues to grow for this new, innovative air beam structure.

Event Showcase two

Easthampton Wedding, JZ Events

The planning for this wedding began in the fall of 2013. From the tenting perspective, that is. I met with the renowned event planner Jennifer Zabinski, JZEvents and property manager at the Easthampton estate as my initial introduction to the site, where this wedding for 300 guests was to take place. The client wanted to hold the entire evening on the ocean side of the property. My instincts told me to spread it out, to give the guests a real feel for the vastness of the property. After showing many Google Earth renderings of different scenarios, they agreed to the attached layout. We shot the image with a drone.

The ceremony and cocktails were held on the ocean side of the property under a 25mx25m structure style tent. The décor was designed by Ed Libby & Company. Because the structure could not be accessed by crane, the structure was raised by sixteen men.

The dinner and dancing marquee, a 25m x 30m structure was situated on the entrance side of the property, this was raised by crane. 360′ of connecting canopy connected the two marquees. All marquees were fully floored and carpeted, with custom carpet and a unique reflective dance floor, designed by Ed Libby and executed by Hi-Tech Events. Frost Productions provided lighting and fabric, with catering by Creative Edge Parties.

The following morning, brunch was served under the marquee that had been used for ceremony and cocktails.

Event Showcase three

New Jersey Wedding, JQ Events

I visited this property in the early spring 2014, with the team JZEvents chose to work on this wedding for 250 guests. The bride and groom wanted a buffet with stations. The parents wanted a served meal with a seat for all. The dilemma in this situation was that the property was level for only a 60’x90’ tent before the land dropped off with a 20’ pitch. With the proper engineering specifications, we were able to build an 80’x90’ century tent with a 40’x55’ clear top Navi trac tent attached and a 20’x20’ fiesta tent as an entrance. It sounds like a horrible mess of guy robes and stakes that needed to be hidden or become part of décor, which became the task of Lewis Miller Design team.

The century tent which served as dinner and dancing was covered with carpet and a round pickled birch dance floor and semi circular band stand. We also created an English chestnut wide plank floor open air terrace, for guests to watch the fireworks at the end of the evening. The 40’x55’ clear top Navi trac and 20’x20’ entrance tents floors were covered with English chestnut wide plank floors. These area served as the cocktail area.

The tents were beautifully lit with the team from Levy Lighting and food was catered by the remarkable Olivier Cheng. The client’s dreams were met and exceeded beyond their dreams.

Fortunately an extensive rain plan was not implemented as the weather was gorgeous!

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