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EventWorks, LA
Event Company of the Year


Just like our esteemed colleagues, friends and competitors, we are an award-winning event production company that works globally with a number of domestic and international clients on events small and large.

Whether the client wants to reward an intimate group of 12 Super VIPs in a very remote location or incentivize thousands in a historic venue that imposes many restrictions, we manage to deliver custom-designed, truly memorable events that thrill and engage.

We believe that we are deserving of a Spotlight Award at this point in time because in our three decade long existence we have come to the moment of the “Perfect Storm”: we have wonderful regular clients who allow us to create the most challenging events, yet – at the same time we have built an outstanding team of employees and collaborators that really excels at understanding every aspect of the client’s needs, the event’s mission and that manages to integrate those requirements into an exceptional, completely customized event and entertainment concept.

From our Director of Floral and Event Design who expertly incorporates client branding into every aspect of the décor while creating the perfect mood and look to our Technical Director who keeps pushing the envelope in Event Technology by introducing new capabilities in projection and performance, to our dedicated team of Event Producers who communicate with clients and teams throughout the process to ensure a seamless, successful process and event – we are blessed with a tight-knit, motivated and dedicated event family that we are grateful for.

Great clients, great assignments and great challenges.

November 2013: we were honored to be the first production company to work in the renovated Pacific Ballroom in Long Beach.
The challenge: the building was still in construction as we started. We made multiple site visits and had many discussions with architect and engineers to develop concept and blue print. As the date came closer we established a very strict safety protocol, as this space had not been used before. We also were the first to use the incredible built-in technology!

In December we produced a “Warehouse” Holiday Event for 1500 guests. We completely transformed the well-known Disneyland Hotel Ballroom into an industrial space, thus creating a fresh experience for the local guests. Every décor detail reflected an urban, industrial feel.

In April we produced a Gala Dinner Evening for Amway China in New York City. The challenge: restrictions at location, a historical monument and museum – and weather! As the event neared an unusually late winter storm blew in. We sourced 1600 yellow rain ponchos with 3 hours to go!

In June we created Luxury on the Beach for another Amway event in California.
The challenge: high tides changed the event space constantly. A heat wave caused concern as the centerpieces threatened to wilt. And who knew that sandcastle artists have to bring in their own sand – and remove every grain of it from the natural beach! Flowers came in last, the waves lapped gently and a full moon shone! Gorgeous!

Event Showcase one

The Sky is the Limit – Reopening the Long Beach Pacific Ballroom, Long Beach Convention and Visitors Bureau

The event starred the renovated Pacific Ballroom at the Long Beach Entertainment Center! On November 20th, 2013, we slowly revealed each amazing aspect of this reinvented space to the audience of 1300 dignitaries, city officials and event industry professionals from across the USA over the course of the 5-hour long evening.

In order to show of the many possibilities of this freshly re-invented arena, we had suggested a “series” of entertainment, with each act moving the audience into the next “aha” moment. Essentially, we produced four mini events in four spaces as the evening evolved and we opened the full hall, space by space. We started by bringing the community into the registration area by having a local youth non-profit entertain with hip-hop dancers and extreme skateboarders. We took pains to match the musical instrument to the moment – and succeeded in book-ending beginning and end with two very different harps: a jazz harp trio in the lobby during the reception, a full Earth Harp Collective in the fully opened arena.

In Phase 3 we used only half the arena, making use of the retractable curtains and built-in audio systems. We transitioned to Full Arena by ending The Laserman Experience with an innovative instant kabuki curtain drop/swifter curtain rise as The Earth Harp Collective launched into full arena concert mode that culminated in a finale featuring 360 degree graphics projection, seven aerialist and pyro effects. We followed up with DJ Roonie G, using the 360-degree video projection throughout his show.

Event Showcase two

Follow Your Dream – Amway Greater China on Ellis and Liberty Island

In April 2014 Amway China sent their top 1,600 sales representatives to New York City. Two waves of guests only came together for 6 hours for one Gala Night on April 15th.

We created “Follow Your Dream” – an Immigrant’s Journey to America that took place at the true historic venues: Liberty and Ellis Island. We turned the public museum space into a bi-level gala evening site, conscientious to ensure everyone had the same experience by bringing in an A/V system capable of transmitting simultaneously as well as separately. We filled the night with interactive fun, special honors, American entertainment and a spectacular fireworks show.

We met many challenges in the course of this production:

  • The location is a National Monument and Museum – we had to work around public visitors hours. We had to construct a complete replica of the site to rehearse.
  • The museum shuts at 5pm – we had 75 minutes to set up the Gala dinner.
  • We had 1600 guests and four chartered ferries that we had to dispatch seamlessly to guarantee timely departures and arrivals. This task included the planning of perfect timing of VIP movements.
  • A 5-minute fireworks show was scheduled at 9:45pm. By then a late winter storm was blowing gale force winds and sleet across the harbor. It was 33 degrees out! Our pyro experts managed to stabilize 5 firing platforms on three barges to shoot off the fireworks perfectly, culminating the display in the client’s branding colors!

Event Showcase three

“Garage Party” for Starwood Hotels

In August 2014 the international hotel chain invited 450 of their food & beverage managers to Phoenix for a conference. The goal: to inspire them to make maximum use of their respective properties.

The client had an idea: throw a totally surprise party in a completely unexpected location: the parking garage! Theme: “Speakeasy”.

We went to work to turn this idea into reality for the evening of August 6th.

Guests were asked to gather in the hotel lobby where the adventure commenced as they took the elevator to the unknown destination.

We created a familiar entrance: an industrial walk-in refrigerator. The client had found a used model on Craigslist that we could dismantle and re-purpose to create an entry hall that covered the elevator exit in the parking garage.
Our client’s national executives graciously acted as kitchen staff, greeting guests in full kitchen costume.

We had created this kitchen with the help of our host hotel’s real equipment. They provided the shelving and pallets. All boxes were our real packing materials. After the event was over, we used those “party props” again to ship things back to our warehouse.

Moonshine, signature mixed drinks, deviled eggs are all back in fashion. The hotel provided the glassware. We created the appropriate space for a jazz age party.

We added four cocktail serving flapper girls, a 5-piece jazz band and three dancing couples.

The client’s goal was achieved! The 3-hour reception was a full success and everyone left with new ideas and impressions.

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