How to Double Your Income in 2014

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Tips and strategies for creating wealth

moneyMany of my mentors over the years have taught me that learning how to make and manage money is actually quite simple. What challenges us is our beliefs and habits around money. One of my first money mentors asked me if I believed wholeheartedly that I could earn more than $40,000 per month.

When I heard this number every cell in my body tensed up with uncertainty. That’s when I realized that those creating wealth think differently and believe in themselves more than the average person. I often refer to annual income as a leadership report card. Is it time we raised the bar for ourselves and our leadership? I invite you to raise the bar for yourself today by intentionally creating your 2014 money goals.

I spent almost a decade sitting in the passenger’s seat in a corporate job (which I truly am grateful for), but feeling helpless when it came to my annual income. I sat back in my comfy chair knowing what my annual salary was and never thought about the creative things I could do to double it.

The fun thing about money is that it is directly related to our self-confidence. The more we step fully into our greatness and have healthy self-worth, the more income we tend to attract.

The first step is to be completely honest with ourselves when it comes to how healthy our self-worth is and how healthy our daily habits around money are. For me, I had a habit of spending most of what I made. So over the years, it was money-in and money-out. I had a home, a car and some savings, but I couldn’t seem to figure out how to fast-track my money magnificence.

I am now crystal clear that my time on this planet will never be about chasing money. Instead, it will be about playing full out and contributing globally. With clear and conscious intentions that are aligned with global greatness, money will without a doubt flow into your life.

Leap into the driver’s seat today and challenge yourself like you’ve never challenged yourself before. There will never be a perfect time. Leaders make the time to grow, develop and live outside the comfort zone. We all have the same amount of hours in a day, but some prioritize better and inspire themselves to higher frequencies.

Here are some tips and strategies to double your income in 2014:

  • Decide today to double your income in 2014. This is simple yet powerful.
  • Clarify if your current vehicle for earning income can get you there. If not, add another income stream. Talk to someone who is rocking their finances and find out how they did it.
  • Add more value — figure out how you will add double the value to the marketplace next year.
  • If you aren’t currently a business owner, become one (even if it’s just a few hours per week).
  • Share your plan with your financial team, e.g. your accountant/financial planner.
  • Set out a quarterly success map for your business with clear income goals for each quarter and how you intend to achieve those numbers.
  • Bust through your fears. Write out what they are and stop letting them run your life.
  • Significantly reduce your spending on non-appreciating items such as trinkets and dust-collecting rubbish.  
  • Think outside of the box. Investigate buying a rental property, flipping a home, hosting an amazing event, starting a direct selling business, etc.
  • In your calendar, select Dec. 31, 2014 and write “I am blissfully grateful that I have doubled my income this year and earned $______. I am so grateful to have more resources at my disposal to contribute to the world on a greater scale.”
  • Open a wealth account. Deposit to this account weekly.
  • Stop wasting your time and energy making other people wealthy by paying crazy interest rates on bad debt. Get rid of it asap!
  • Find an accountability partner for the year. Select someone who has a similar passion and energy to yours.
  • Set a weekly income goal for yourself. If you earn a salary, make more money in your spare time.
  • If you are a “stuffologist,” sell your stuff online and set a goal for what you intend to earn for your wealth account.
  • Read at least one book a month for the entire year on topics such as self-confidence, money, leadership, spirituality, self-development, emotional intelligence, and business.

For me, earning income gives me the tools, leadership and resources to work toward my global vision for myself and my family. If you had unlimited resources, what would you create for yourself?

eNews April 2014

About the author : Leanne Grechulk

Leanne Grechulk

Leadership and lifestyle expert, Leanne Grechulk is the founder of HealthyGirl™ and the author of the amazon best-selling book 30 Days to Wealth. Leanne has her B.Sc. in Biomedical Toxicology and her MBA. While pursuing a career in Sales and Marketing with several fortune 500 companies (including Johnson & Johnson, Nike, DuPont, and L’Oréal), she was driven to create her own vision to promote entrepreneurship, wellness and financial independence to women around the globe.

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