What a Bride Wants

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If you’re looking for the secret to impressing the bride, it’s pretty simple: Get to know her.

What a Bride Wants

Are you one of the many planners who shy away from weddings purely because you just don’t know what the bride really wants? Or simply because you think it’s too much hand-holding?

I’m hoping to sway you.

Years ago, the bride’s only sources of information were bridal magazines, dress shops and word of mouth. Caterers and event planners needed to educate the bride, which was extremely time consuming.

The biggest game changer has been the internet. Now it’s ridiculously easy for the bride not only to educate herself, but to know exactly how her wedding will unfold. She has a Pinterest board, a wedding website and subscribes to at least 50 wedding blogs. Today’s bride knows the trends before you do.

Even with the internet, the bride still needs your guidance; however, they may look at you as a commodity. She thinks: chicken is chicken, a table is a table, a room is a room. Now more than ever, you need to show your differences from your competitors.

One would think that I’m strictly talking about the differences of the company. I am not; the first sale that is made is YOU. The moment you engage with a bride they are judging you first, then they’re judging what they’re buying, and then they’re judging the company. If you’re not selling you, then you’re not selling.

How to sell you?

  • When you first speak with the bride, don’t be an order taker in asking name, date, where, when, how many. Let your competitors do that. You need to engage in conversation first.
  • Ask open-ended questions, but make sure you really listen to the answers. Too often we ask a question and while they are answering, we are forming the next question in our minds. You can learn a great deal simply by listening. An excellent starter question is “how did he propose?” She’ll be taken off guard because she’s used to the same questions asked by all of her vendors. Believe me, a bride will always talk about how she got engaged. By doing this, you have broken the barrier of a salesperson into friend territory.
  • Go to her Pinterest page. There it is — her entire wedding laid out right before your eyes in full color. Now you know that she loves peonies and pastels, prefers casual elegance to formal sophistication, and her three favorite specialty cocktails. This kind of information is priceless when building a relationship with the bride. You have shown her that you are different from the others. She likes you and thinks that you “get her.” Think about it…

What a bride really wants is to like you, trust you, believe you and have confidence in you.


eNews June 2014
Originally featured in Catersource magazine June 2014

About the author : Meryl Snow

Meryl Snow

Meryl Snow has emerged as a true leader of the special events & catering industry. As co-founder of Feastivities Events, Meryl has spent the last 26 years creating events throughout the Philadelphia region featuring creative and well-executed menus, dramatic presentations, outstanding service and extreme attention to detail.

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