The Future of Events with Google Glass

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Getting a clearer vision of how this new technology may be used


A product that has caused a massive stir in the technology world even before it was widely available, Google Glass puts the kind of information and applications you are used to seeing on your smartphone right before your eyes, or specifically, your right eye.

It’s wearable technology that looks like something straight off the set of a Hollywood sci-fi blockbuster, but could it be the latest device to take your event to the next level?

The device has many features that could be of benefit to event planners in the future. With choosing the correct technology for your event now regarded as just as important as finding the right venue, could Google Glass be the next mobile phone?

In the ’80s, only a handful of people were selected to test mobile phones, which at the time were bulky, expensive and could only make calls. Fast-forward 30 years and most of the population own smartphones that can do pretty much anything a PC can do. It’s the same with Google Glass, initially the device was only available to selected numbers of people in the US in order to understand how it could be developed further. With this in mind, below we’ve taken a look at the ways in which Google Glass, once more affordable, could be of benefit to your event.


By providing attendees with additional information

Probably Google Glass’ greatest benefit is its ability to provide your attendees with all kinds of additional information. By using Bluetooth low-energy devices, you have the potential to allow an app on your attendees’ Google Glass to display information as they walk past particular stands. This is a great way to grab your attendees’ attention and encourage them to visit your booth.

By giving speakers the ultimate teleprompter

Forget event speakers having to shuffle through their paper-based notes or even having to look at a screen, Google Glass gives them the ultimate teleprompter, providing them with notes and visual prompts as they speak.

By providing your attendees easy access to your Twitter feed

As Google Glass allows Twitter to be overlaid on its screen, users will be able to tweet and get involved in Twitter conversations regarding your event, all while still paying attention to what is happening at the event.

By boosting your event’s exposure

As Google Glass gives users an incredibly easy way to take pictures and record video, the chances are attendees wearing the device will be taking more pictures and shooting more video. It’s only natural that they will then share this too.

By increasing audience interaction

Back in January,, a web-based system for audience interaction, introduced its Google Glass app at the Fresh14 Conference in Copenhagen. The app allows audience members to go to a dedicated URL where they can submit questions during a presentation. At your event, this would allow everyone participating to see the questions and vote them up or down. The presenter would then be able to respond to the question without having to look at a computer or even turn away from the audience.

Audience interaction can be further increased through the use of a mobile app called ConnexMe. Designed to boost interactivity during meetings or presentations, the app requires audience members to visit a dedicated app on their smartphones and tablets. The event speaker can then use a voice command on the Google Glass to launch a poll that appears on the website and can also be projected on to screens around the room. As audience members respond to the poll, the event speaker will be able to see the results on their Google Glass in real-time.

As you can see, there are many ways that this new technology might find its way into events. No doubt we’ll have clearer vision in the not-so-distant future.


Dean Ronnie is an accomplished writer who is passionate about emerging technologies and their use within the business world. He is particularly interested in how technology is changing event management.

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