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A free book for event professionals

EMB_Download83% of event professionals say that they use social media on at least 5% of their event portfolio.

Social Media for Events is a free to download book (no email required) about the use of social media at events. It presents the results of an unprecedented independent research on how event professionals use social media at events such as:

  • 51% of event professionals say the biggest challenge in using social media is how to use it effectively.
  • 45% find the time to do social media properly.
  • 32% use social media for all their event portfolio.

Why This Book Matters

The growth of social media in the past few years has been accompanied by an incredible amount of content about it. The industry is craving for clarity is such fragmentation.

Social Media for Events is a comprehensive guide with tips, templates and tactics to implement a successful social media program for events. It includes content about:

  • How to convince your boss and business of the value social media.
  • How to craft a social media plan
  • How to select the right social networks for your event
  • Event industry case studies
  • Tactics to implement Before, During and After your event
  • How to use social media at tradeshows
  • Using event mobile apps to stimulate engagement

Download the Book

You can download the book for free with no email submission required here


eNews November 2014

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Julius Solaris

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