Different Flavors of Conference & Event Apps

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In 2014, we predicted that enterprise-grade mobile event apps would become available to everyone. We saw this prediction become reality as more vendors offered a multi-event app platform (which we first introduced to the event and meeting industry in 2012), the ability to configure their apps based on each event’s unique requirements, and greater integration with their solutions.

2014 was truly the year of the event app and 2015 is set to look no different, as apps have become table stakes at most conferences, meetings and events – and each one can offer something different depending on the type of event and audience demographics. Let’s take a closer look.


User Conferences Are All About Relationships

For organizations that are hosting their most prized customers for 2-3 day events, event apps have become a critical component of the overall experience. These are some of the single biggest selling opportunities for organizations and the opportunity to provide enhanced networking, valuable product information, and brand reinforcement within a conference app is key to driving loyalty and additional revenue streams.

Sales Kick-Offs Get a Kick in the Pants!

Herding cats, holding attention, and training are the meeting planners challenges at the annual sales kick-off meeting. Sales professionals are busy people with “smartphones as appendages” whose attention is divided. Organizers have to work hard to keep them focused, engaged and in the right place at the right time.

Playing to sales’ competitive nature with in-app games is a great way to keep them coming back, and providing learning materials directly on their smartphones and tablets lightens their load and ensures everyone has everything they need – no excuses. And when the dinner bell rings, or the executive keynote is about to begin, pushing out notifications to every sales person increases the odds that they are on time and ready!

Top Executives Deserve Big Surprises

Is it time for the AGM, Executive Offsite, or Quarterly Board Meeting? Surprise and impress the big shots with up-to-date content on their iPads that they can annotate as they go. Include bios and photos of everyone there, including the latest additions to the leadership team. Need to take a vote? Not a problem. Use polling and surveys inside the app to capture important opinions and gather business critical feedback.

Show, Tell, and Buy

Are you tasked with bringing buyers and sellers together? On the one hand you need to educate and teach, but on the other hand, you have to create an environment where buyers can kick tires, test drive, and explore their purchase options. Oh, and you have to make sure the sellers are happy and have access to the buyers – since they are picking up the tab!

Agendas, maps, listings, descriptions, and all the basics of an app are the perfect companion for vendors and attendees alike. But what about a game that actually “encourages” buyers to visit sellers? And how about putting valuable product information right in the app for easy access? Allow sellers to sponsor banners in the app and send timely notifications to all attendees about special offers at their booth!

These are just a few flavors of conference and event apps though. If you’d like to see if a mobile app is right for your next meeting or event, come see us at the Catersource and Event Solutions Conference in March or drop us a line today!

eNews January 2015


Karra Barron is QuickMobile’s Content and Social Media Strategist. QuickMobile transforms meetings and events around the world with mobile event apps that engage audiences throughout the life of your event and beyond. Visit QuickMobile.com to learn more.

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