CrowdMelt Breaks the Ice

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A new app has hit the event scene, and it’s making networking even easier for your guests! CrowdMelt is a web-based app that helps event guests connect without the intimidation factor brought on by the thought of “networking”. Simply by downloading the mobile app and creating your event, you can help your guests engage with each other and enhance their event experience.


How it works
Guests will complete a profile on the app that lets you and others get to know them before they’ve met, making that first connection less intimidating. Once loaded, you can search through the app for people who are similar to you, have the same interests, occupation, live in the same city, and more!

According to CrowdMelt, the most common ways guests will connect with each other are by hobbies and interests, where they live or are from, and by their occupation. Using the app, you can organize tables and groups by finding attendees with these similarities and breaking the ice, so they don’t have to.

Learn more about how to get started at

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