The Benefits of Apps at Meetings of All Sizes

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Mobile event apps can improve conferences and trade shows through better attendee engagement and participation, enhanced networking, eliminating printing, better insight into which sessions are popular and which aren’t, more sponsorship dollars, and visibility into who are the thought leaders.

Does any of this matter at smaller meetings, where there are no booths or exhibitors? The answer is yes, and then some. Here are some big benefits of mobile meeting app deployment:


Meetings still tend to be one-way conversations. However with mobile apps, organizers can keep attendees engaged with surveys, polls and audience response systems that assist with learning, awareness, and overall participation. Add timely, relevant content into the app and participants will be fully plugged into the goals of every meeting and event.


The ability to look enterprise-wide and see the trends, activities and engagement levels throughout your meeting landscape can prove to be highly valuable with respect to productivity and knowledge transfer. Wouldn’t it be great if you knew what content participants were interacting with and how frequently? What if you could see who the thought leaders are at your meetings, the ones driving conversations, ideas and decisions? And imagine if you could aggregate employee, customer, or partner sentiment through polls, surveys, and audience response. The insights delivered by the app’s in-depth analytics are a game-changer.

Efficiency and Time Savings

Meeting planning, large or small, is a lot of work. No matter the size or goal of the event, nearly every meeting has speakers, content, meals, participants, agendas, rooms, AV equipment, and so on. To be clear, apps can’t do everything, but imagine if binder assembly and photocopying could be eliminated, agenda changes automatically updated for all to see, or if surveys appeared on tablets or smartphones instead of on chairs. Apps can help to reduce the manual, time-consuming activities inherent in managing meetings of all types.

Participant Communication

Participation doesn’t start when the meeting begins. The minute a meeting has a slot on the calendar, participants are involved in varying degrees. Imagine sending a push notification saying that there is a document ready for review in advance of the meeting and available in the app. Imagine informing all participants that a meeting will start 15 minutes late, that the location has moved, or that there will be a “bio break” in 10 minutes. What about polling the audience to determine how well participants are absorbing the information being presented?

And a meeting adjourned does not a meeting end! What if you could send out a survey notification to garner feedback, or distribute meeting notes and updated materials? Email, you say? Yes, but imagine if every bit of this was in one central location, that all participants could access, anytime, anywhere. Bye-bye email. Bye-bye inefficiency and clutter.

Spend management

With today’s enterprise app platform deployments, apps create a less expensive meeting experience. Reducing manpower and eliminating paper are the obvious areas of cost control, but providing more timely communications and just-in-time access to meeting-critical content help to drive hidden costs out of meetings and events.


Why print anything, ever again? Ever wonder how many trees had to fall to supply your organization with all of the paper required at your meetings and events? Not only is all content available in the app, but typos and changes won’t kill more trees. One upload and everyone has the latest and greatest, and they have it at their fingertips! Attendees can even make notes directly on the documents or in the notes sections within the app, allowing the entire meeting experience to be green. No pens. No paper. No problem.

Brand experience

All meetings, everywhere, will be on-brand. Period. An enterprise app platform enables organizations to create a consistent, repeatable experience for anyone who uses them. What if every meeting app included a message from the CEO, the latest marketing message, or the company’s brand promise? Two things happen: consistency and memorability; a.k.a. every marketer’s dream.

Virtual meeting enhancement

What modern-day organization doesn’t have people on the move? Despite the fact that there are always participants who can’t join meetings in person, the virtual meetings movement hasn’t taken hold as expected. With meeting apps, everyone is able to join in and access the most up-to-date content regardless of location. It’s a great way to connect remote folks, especially for global organizations.

If you’d like to learn more about how mobile apps can have a positive impact on meetings, download the free report Mobile Now: Why Every Meeting Needs An App.


eNews March 2015


Karra Barron is QuickMobile’s Content and Social Media Strategist. QuickMobile transforms meetings and events around the world with mobile event apps that engage audiences throughout the life of your event and beyond. Visit to learn more.

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