A Touch of Wilderness

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Glamping creates a luxurious environment in the wild
By Shannon Scheidell


Are you looking for a non-traditional way to make your next event stand out? Maybe your clients are outdoorsy but don’t want to subject their guests to the full wilderness. Or maybe you are planning a multi-day company retreat. Glamping may be just the thing you’re looking for!

A hot new trend in events, Glamping, or “glamourous camping”, provides clients with a camping environment without the feeling of being stranded outdoors! Large outdoor tents can be set up for guests to mingle during a wedding, corporate event, or concert and then retreat to a hotel-like space to sleep under the stars.



Outdoorgeeks.com co-founders Will and Corina Marquardt added the creative idea to their repertoire shortly after they opened shop in 2010. With a marketing background and a quality control expert, respectively, they make a great team when it comes to developing creative new ideas and seeing them through to completion. With this strategy, their combined skills have contributed to their success in the industry, states Will.

The idea came to fruition when one of their first clients ran out of space for guests at a resort they had rented out. They asked him for additional tents and after a series of specific questions, the Marquardt’s traveled to the location and set up a premium mobile camping village tailored to their needs, which ultimately turned into their first experience with glamping.


Will doesn’t claim to have started glamping, however. Instead, he attributes the idea to the old days in South Africa, when hunters would go on safaris and they would bring porters and butlers with them. Originally, they started Outdoorsgeek.com as an avenue for those seeking to rent high-end camping gear, and now that the trend is taking off, they’ve begun partnering with event companies to set up glamping villages for clients.

“The term glamping means a lot of different things to a lot of different people,” says Will. “For instance, there’s destination glamping and onsite glamping.” Outdoorsgeek.com provides the latter, where they’ll travel onsite and set everything up, then break it back down after the event so the land remains preserved as if no one was there.

“It’s cool to be able to do something where you’ve seen the difference and you know it has an impact. That’s one of the really rewarding things about what we do. It’s kind of a ‘leave no trace’ situation.”


Glamping creates an environment where guests can relax and enjoy themselves while experiencing the beauty of their natural surroundings. With beds, fresh linens and a dresser for clothes provided, Outdoorsgeek.com creates a functional and comfortable temporary living space for guests. The canvas tent is carpeted and you can even cook inside using a two-burner stove if a sudden change in weather ushers you indoors. Shower and bathroom trailers are also available, as well as large tents for receptions.


Similar to going on a hiking trip or camping, glamping gives your guests the experience of being outdoors without having to worry about carrying gear, gas lamps or any of the trivialities that come along with camping. Imagine giving your clients a bonafide hotel room in the middle of a grassy knoll, by a babbling brook or on top of a picturesque mountain.

“There’s just so much that can be done; it’s up to your imagination. Whatever you can think of, you can do it with our glamping gear and an event company,” Will says.


Outdoorsgeek.com has the rare combined value of providing a green environment, while simultaneously giving guests the opportunity to feel like they’re staying at a resort—and it’s good for business. Will expects sales for his premium mobile glamping gear to grow from 20 percent to 50 (or even 60 percent) this year, after seeing an increase in popularity from last year.

For your next event, invite your clients to go glamping. Sleeping under the stars, yet feeling right at home will leave guests, and clients, with memories to last a lifetime.


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