In the Spotlight: 2014 Event Site Finalists

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Venues can sometimes make or break an event. There are blank canvases for designers to transform; there are vintage or modern locales, but rarely both. The finalists that were chosen for the 2014 Spotlight Awards met the challenge of providing a creative foundation for memorable events. Learn more about last year’s Event Site of the Year finalists while awaiting the announcement of this year’s finalists, to come in February!

Potawatomi Casino

Potawatomi Casino

With its unique architectural design and glass edifice, the Potawatomi Casino appears like an aquamarine beacon shining in the desert sky during the day—at night, it’s a different story. When the sun goes down and the lights come up, Milwaukee, WI has her very own laser light show.

This venue attracts all types of visitors, with some very big names in the industry. This past New Year’s Eve, the Expo Center of the casino was transformed into a tropical paradise. RuYi, Dream Dance Steak, The Buffet, Bar 360 and The Fire Pit Sports Bar & Grill catered to the hungry crowd. Those seeking to whet their whistle found comfort in the tiki bar. Dancers were even flown in from Las Vegas to give the Potawatomi an extra boost that set it over the top.


Colorado Mountain Weddings

Colorado Mountain

We would be hard pressed to pin down a more romantic place to host your wedding ceremony, aside from the Colorado mountains. Colorado Mountain Weddings hosts events featuring scenic tours through fields of wildflowers and groups of trees to enhance the bond between a couple and simultaneously bring them closer to nature.

This event site brings guests back to yesteryear; to a time when life was simpler, when we had time to walk along a trail through the woods during a picturesque autumn day.

Colorado Mountain Weddings can be a resource for clients and guests who want to have down-to-earth, intimate events.




Vibiana is a former cathedral-turned venue located in Downtown Los Angeles. Home to occasional photography workshops and industry trade shows, this location adds class to any event.

For the 2013 Alcantara Fashion show, two Lamborghinis with charcoal-gray Alcantara interiors greeted guests to prepare them for the event. Fashion from Rosa Clandestino made its debut on the Vibiana runway that night.

Wedding ceremonies are frequently held here, as well as the annual L.A. Food Bank “Beefsteak” dinner. Vibiana is also ground zero for CSES2015 keynote speaker Neal Fraser!


The Temple House

Temple House

The Temple House is a leader in the Miami Beach private event scene. It has been featured in The New York Times, The London Times and on international TV shows.

Caterers and event planners take pleasure in utilizing this venue’s “blank canvas” to construct their own representation of the festivities they’re coordinating, and it doesn’t hurt to have the best audio equipment and lighting system available.

Such shows that have been featured here include the three-day presentation of the new Rolls Royce, the Acer Corporate Conference and Absolut Art Basel Executive Committee dinner.

Depending on what designers come up with, the space can appear lush with native foliage and natural lighting or high-tech and trendy, giving you the feeling you’re dining inside of a computer.


Entries for the 2015 Spotlight Awards have now closed, but stay tuned to learn more about the rest of our 2014 finalists and winners. 2015 finalists will be announced in February!

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