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Rave Reviews from the Show Floor!

Event Solutions engages the industry, builds community and connects planners with products and services relevant to their business.

Attendees share their experiences:

“As the owner of a full-service creative agency and production house, I always find great vendors on the tradeshow floor from whom I now buy from on a regular basis. The show has become one that no event professional should miss.”
David Merrell, President/Creative Director
AOO Events, Inc., Los Angeles, CA

“Because Event Solutions and Catersource are together, it’s the one tradeshow where I can play hands-on with both catering and special event equipment. Plus, I’ve found it a great show to bring my clients to. They get to see the latest and greatest and to help me determine my new purchases for the year.”
Robert Sivek, Executive Producer
The Meetinghouse Companies

“ The Event Solutions Conference provides an amazing opportunity for those in our industry to meet, connect, interact, share best practices and learn on an annual basis.  Nowhere can one find the diverse educational offerings with something relevant to every attendee regardless of your tenure in the industry.  Do yourself a favor in one word…ATTEND”
Lenny Talarico, Director of Events
MGM Resorts Events

“A conference in Las Vegas with a consistently great turn-out, amazing networking events and engaging speakers adds up to an experience you can’t afford to miss!”
Andrew Larris, Entertainment Producer
NYX Entertainment & Events, DC

“Reviving friendships with industry professionals is a boon for all of us who live to be inspired, educated, and reconnected so that we can learn who’s doing what and how. And meeting new people and drawing from their fresh young ideas brings new life into our repertoires. Unlike the adage, “you can’t teach and old dog new tricks,” I think that even as seasoned professionals we can learn so much from each other. Here’s to new tricks and to Event Solutions for creating the setting in which we can learn them.”
Andrea Michaels
Extraordinary Events

“Such a wonderful group of critical thinkers.  Event pros looking to learn and to teach.  I am deeply honored to have the opportunity to speak to and learn from those who only desire to be the best.  One of my favorite days is to mark my calendar for next year’s Event Solutions’ Idea Factory.”
Sean Low, Owner
The Business of Being Creative

“The Event Solutions Idea Factory Conference in Las Vegas is the largest conference and trade show for the event & catering industry and a real testament to the magnitude and diversity of our industry.  Each year, thousands of men and women gather from 45 different countries to hone their craft, network, laugh and bond with friends, new and old. The conference is known as the education and networking event for the industry, but there’s more to it than that.”
Preston Bailey
Preston Bailey Designs, Inc.

“Event-Solutions’ Idea Factory is my favorite conference not only to speak at but to attend. I’ve been fortunate to lead my seminar, ‘The Psychology of the Guest’ at numerous major conferences across the country over the past 3 years but Idea Factory is my top choice. A conference in Las Vegas with a consistently great turn-out, amazing networking events and engaging speakers adds up to an experience you can’t afford to miss!!”
Andrew Larris, Entertainment Producer
NYX Entertainment & Events

“I liked the variety and the types of vendors and how we were able to actually able to make purchases on the spot.”
Kouture Events, NJ

“Great to see new products and connect with vendors that we do business with.”
Chris Weinberg Events, FL

Exhibitors share their successes:

“The show is great value for our industry and professionals should experience this in order to enhance their business and services to their clients. “
Kelly Murphy
Panache A Classic Party Rentals Co, FL

“We get our highest ROI from this show, year after year. Not to mention how much fun we have connecting with our industry friends from around the world!”
Jack Weiner
kool Party Rentals, AZ

“I love going to Event Solutions for three reasons — the people, the people, and the people. Everyone is a hard-hitting decision-maker who is ready to learn, share and have fun.”
Dan Berger, President/CEO
Social Tables, DC

“…our reps and management are very positive about the leads generated.”
Airstar America Inc.

“The other shows are more focused e.g. event planning professionals, wedding planning professionals as opposed to catering AND event planning.”

“The attendees all seemed to have the money too spend this year  – which is good for all vendors. I think many vendors will see results from this show. Attendance is picking up at all shows we attend and should help the overall market!”
Gasser Chair Company

“It was a well-attended show. The floor plan of the show was designed very well. Show management does a very good job and is very professional.”
Novelty Crystal Corp.

“[This is] is the best ROI for all the shows I attend each year, hands down the best show!

“Our first time showing but this show attracts what looks like the right potential customer for us, could lead to new business.”

“I think there are some valuable contacts made at the show. I especially like the colleges and universities that attended.”
Ferrero USA, Inc.

“Our best show of the year, as always – key foodservice and retail accounts are attending; it makes it so worthwhile for us to be there! The right people, decision makers attend from all over the country; many other national shows have become ‘regional’ in nature and we’ve pulled out. The leads generated here are worth the investment! We had over 1,000 potential customers pass through our booth this year – where else can you do that in 12 hours?”