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CSES_TrackIcons_IgniteThe Ignite Track is focused on education for small and medium market companies to fuel business growth. Learn how to work more effectively, turn a larger profit, and ignite your company’s growth.


Free Votives! Why Giving Away Meaningless Freebies Hurts Your Business
Amanda Allen, Creative Director, MMD Events, Tampa, FL

Are you looking for a sales edge? Then stop giving away free stuff! Find out why giving away things that have no meaning don’t help your sales. Then learn more about what does help sales including value-added items and services, design fees and the ability to anticipate clients needs and wants. Discover the principles of “intentional selling” and the techniques for getting clients to happily pay full price.  You will discover promotions that turn clients off, and those that turn them on. Learn how to write a smart proposal that attracts clients who want more and are willing to pay for it all.

The Small Business Guide to Implementing the New Healthcare Laws
Blu Pannhoff, Attorney, Arthur J. Gallagher & Co., Dallas, TX

Prior to moving into private practice, Blu Pannhoff worked for the National Office of the IRS in Washington, DC and served on the Executive Steering Committee for the Affordable Care Act implementation. In that capacity, he helped draft the bulk of the IRS’ guidance program for ACA, was responsible for training IRS employees and traveled the country speaking on the health care reform legislation. If Health Care Reform is still a mystery to you or if you have questions about compliance for your company, join this informative session and get some answers.

Structuring for Success in a Small Market
Tina Moran, Owner/Designer, Oh So Swank!, Fresno, CA

ISES_ApprovedLogo_2603CSuccess looks different for event professionals working in small markets. The key is to add on services that can benefit your clients, and which can become new revenue streams for you. This session will give you some proven strategies behind which services to add, how to maintain a working relationship with existing services in the same field at the same time, and best practices for marketing those new services. Hear from a successful professional doing this in her market and how it can set your company up as a sustainable entity in all economies.




*Speakers and schedule subject to change.