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App-apalooza. Three Chefs Showcase Thirty Passed Appetizers
Adam Gooch, Executive Chef, Purple Onion Catering, Vienna, VA;  Ashley Santo Domingo, Executive Chef, 24 Carrots Catering & Events, Irvine, CA; and Greg Shapiro, Owner/Chef, Tastebuds Custom Catering, Naples, FL

If you want new, trendy and profitable passed appetizers for your menus, do not miss this class! Tray-passed hors d’oeuvres can showcase a company’s creative talents, highlight innovative presentations, set the stage for the meal to follow or be the main attraction for a standing cocktail party. This talented culinary trio will demo 30 new appetizers, provide you the recipes, teach production tips, talk about shipping the items to the events, and provide you the costs for each recipe.

The White House Chefs
Guy Mitchell, Principal, and Michael Raber, Featured Speaker, The White House Chef Tour, Langhorne, PA

Many caterers have had the distinct honor to prepare a meal and produce an event for the President and his Executive Team, but daily life in the kitchens of the White

House and on the road with the President is a totally different story. Enjoy this talented duo while they prepare some favorite dishes from the Executive Dining Room menus, learn the protocol for food preparation in the White House Kitchens, and listen to stories of Presidents and their unusual menu requests.

Put Down the Mason Jar and Back Away Slowly! Wedding Catering in 2015 
Michael Stavros, Director of Sales & Marketing, M Culinary Concepts, Phoenix, AZ

“These days, the “culture of food” seems to influence everyone with whom we do business. Our clients are bombarded by a non-stop parade of cooking shows, competitions, celebrity chefs, bloggers and social media mavens. Clients today share their dining experiences with their families, friends and just about anyone who is willing to listen, and they want their dining choices to reflect their personalities and individuality (because they are unique…just like everyone else). And what could be more personal and individual than their wedding? In this session, we will explore the current and upcoming trends in wedding catering. We will discuss globally-influenced cuisine, locally-flavored items, engaging presentations, and curated cocktails and mocktails. And let’s not forget about our clients’ and guests’ mind-boggling array of dietary requests, requirements and allergies – we will discuss interesting options that keep everyone happy and healthy. Let’s learn about and share what will work and what will sell in 2015 and beyond. ”

Curds and Whey. Mozzarella Pulling for Parties and More
Mary Crafts, CEO/President, and Marco Niccoli, Executive Chef, Culinary Crafts, Salt Lake, NV
Presented by the International Caterers Association

Looking for new fun, easy, and profitable action stations? The talented owner and chef team will give you a point-by-point blueprint to create an entertaining, interactive and highly profitable action station. Watch as Marco demos the process of making and pulling fresh mozzarella, and Mary completing the design and theatrical elements of the concept. Additionally, they will share with you a couple of Culinary Crafts most popular action station concepts.

Street Fare Rice Bowl Action Buffets. Tasty, Fun and Profitable
Eric LeVine, Chef/Partner, Morris Tap and Grill & Paragon Tap and Table, Randolph, NJ

Asian rice, Indian rice, Cajun rice, South American rice, Italian rice and more. Worldwide chefs in every culture use rice as one of their staple ingredients. And more often than not, you will find rice dishes being served from street carts emitting fragrant aromas and filled with tempting ingredients. Taking inspiration from street fare offerings worldwide, Eric will show how to build an action station and demo examples of recipes from a variety of international cuisines that will inspire new menu offerings for your kitchens.

Navigating Gluten-free, Allergy and Dietary Considerations
Beth Winthrop, MS, RD, CNSC, National Development Director for Wellness, Sodexo Campus

On-premise, off-premise, campus and contract caterers all face one issue in common: at almost every event, they will have to accommodate allergic, gluten intolerant and other diet restricted guests. From the food source to the prep kitchen to the guest table, you will need a plan to assure that you have taken every precaution and have foolproof systems in place to guarantee every guest has an exceptional meal. Learn about developing systems for customers to give you special requests in advance, procedures to minimize cross-contact contamination, key considerations for staff training, and which specific food products need to raise the special care “red flag” on your menus.

Culinary Innovation and Trendspotting. Adapting Restaurant Trends to Catering
Larry Liebowitz, Director of Culinary Innovation, Guckenheimer, Redwood Shores, CA

Competition in the marketplace is intense and often a company that is able to adapt to the newest food trends will have an advantage. Join Larry and Cory as they discuss current trends facing the industry and offer an overview of the ideation and collaboration of new ideas and hot concepts. Learn how to identify lasting trends from passing fads and how to adapt these to your business. Discover how to blend ideas, trends, and concepts into your own creative concepts, and to identify trends that will not only keep your company fresh and exciting, but make major contributions to your bottom line.

Farm to Table Catering
Jon Reilly and Michael Ganaro

Bold New Ways to Modernize Your Buffets
Todd Annis, Executive Chef, Dustin Claypool, Executive Sous Chef, and Aldy Lopez, Director of Operations, Bold American Catering, Atlanta, GA

Are you in need of new inspiration and ideas to update your buffets?This class will cover several new and updated ideas combining décor elements, vessels, signage, platters and, of course, food items. This talented trio will present 6 different creative and functional buffets that will easily adapt to your company’s offerings and help you get rave reviews from clients.

You Make It Taste Good…I Will Make It Pretty
Linda Sample, President, Gina Barber, Sr. Event Manager, and Rachael LaPorte, Executive Chef, A Thyme to Cook, North Stonington, CT
Presented by the International Caterers Association

Marrying culinary perfection and design innovation, this talented team will show you how to excel in both areas while still prioritizing the client’s needs and desires. Learn how to design concepts that work with various budgets and how to design creative presentations of food and décor for every event that will put your best foot forward.





*Speakers and schedule subject to change.