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The 2014 Conference & Tradeshow brings you brand new speakers with exciting new topics. View the outline below for the education lineup for Monday, March 24, 2014.

7:30am - 8:30am

Hollywood Design: Lighting, Color, Texture
Hillary Harris, Executive Director of Special Events, Warner Bros. Studios, Burbank, CA
Russell Harris, CEO, russell harris EVENT GROUP, North Hollywood, CA

The entertainment industry has long been a source of trends for event design. Not only in film, TV shows and theater, but also in the events that are produced in conjunction with entertainment. In this session, get today’s design tips that will become tomorrow’s trends in your area. Find out what producers, designers and venues are doing for entertainment, food and beverage, lighting techniques, new colors and how they are layering texture and elements from many various platforms from fashion to industrial design and more.


ISES_Approved(icon)smCreating Memorable Experiences with Immersive and Interactive Technologies
Ed Lantz, President, Vortex Immersion Media, Inc., Los Angeles, CA

In this presentation of new and emerging immersive and interactive experience technologies for events, you’ll get information on such concepts as group interactive architectural projection mapping, visitor tracking and immersion domes. Unique applications of these technologies will be illustrated with real-world case studies including the NFL Xbox Kinect Fan Dome at the Super Bowl, the Nokia Lab dome at SXSW and the SISO 2012 conference interactive ballroom mapping at the Grand Del Mar Hotel in San Diego.


WeddingTrackLogoLearn the 5 Cs for a Better Website and More Effective Social Media Marketing
Alan Berg, Author/Professional Speaker/Small Business Marketing Expert, AlanBerg.com, Kendall Park, NJ

You’ve heard about the 5 Cs for diamonds (cut, clarity, carat and color) but never the 5 Cs of a better website and social media presence. Dubbed as North America’s leading expert on the business of weddings and events, Alan will show you how you can incorporate these four elements to make your website and social media presence stand out among your competitors.


8:45am - 10:15am

ISES_Approved(icon)smSmall Details, Great Design
Evan Carbotti, Partner/Designer; Jordan Carbotti, Partner/Designer; and Dwayne Ridgaway, Lead Designer, Perfect Surroundings, Int’l, Newport, RI

Big design is in the small details. Attention to logistical details of events are essential, but it is the seemingly small, aesthetic details that bring great life and vibrance to our events. Learn how details inject personality and style into design, giving them distinguishing characteristics and memorable qualities. We will demonstrate how events need not be over-the-top or huge in scale or budget to create lasting impressions. Intimate touches and attention paid to carefully chosen design elements can show your clients that you understand the nuances and intricacies of their brand, mission and purpose. You will see how to use and reuse color, texture, graphics and particular design elements to breathe life into your events and make a large impact.


Boost Your Profitability, Part II – Tricks of the Trade to Making and Retaining a Profit
Matt Allen, President, MMD Events, Tampa, FL

This session, which is geared to business owners, picks up where Part 1 leaves off as you dig deeper into how you can set yourself up for profit. This interactive session is heavy on audience participation; bring your business challenges and come prepared to hear solutions about those common obstacles that might be holding you back from change and profitability. Matt Allen will present wisdom he’s culled from experience, as well as from successful industry professionals on employee issues, contracts, marketing, systems and more. Hear some of these proven methods from business owners who will appear as guest speakers during this fast-paced, information-filled session.


ISES_Approved(icon)smHow to Create, Inspire and Build an Event with Impact
Dianne Devitt, President, the DND Group, Inc., Riverdale, NY

You’ve planned events and they’ve been successful, but have they maximized their potential? Probably not. There are ways to boost the effectiveness of your event — on the attendees’ senses and emotions and on how they impact your business’ bottom line.

This workshop will discuss best practices for translating your client’s vision into a memorial, effective event, how to combine the 7 elements of design with business concepts and theory, and designing a storyboard for each phase of the process – from pre-event planning to onsite production to post-event marketing opportunities. You’ll also learn Dianne’s Visual Dynamics – the five-sense rule to creating a dynamic experience.


From Trend-Spotting to Trend-Doing
Presented by ISES
Matthew Trettel and Bruce Vassar, The Wedding Guys, The Wedding Guys®, Minneapolis, MN
WeddingTrackLogo   ISES_LogoPurple_sm    ISES_Approved(icon)sm
Inspiration is everywhere, but when you have a client that requires an aesthetic that is on-trend, where can you go to make sure you’re pulling together the elements to be on point. Discover the tricks The Wedding Guys use to ensure their signature events are TREND FORWARD,even when critical design decisions are often made a year before the event. Learn to cut through the Pinterest clutter, discover the key elements of Trend-Spotting and get tips and techniques to implement immediately to set your designs apart.


10:45am - Noon

FEATURED SESSION – Emerging Event Trends for 2014
Julius Solaris, Editor, EventManagerBlog.com, London, UK

New technology and social media come on the scene and change with the blink of an eye. Trends in these fields affect the event industry and your business. Julius Solaris, curator of the EventManagerBlog.com and force behind a technology-driven annual report called 10 Event Trends, watches these trends every day to bring you new ideas and updates. Come to hear more on the emerging trends from Julius’ report for 2014 and how they can be put to use immediately within your daily scenarios.


ISES_Approved(icon)smEnhancing Your Live Corporate Event with Video Technology While Extending its Life and Reach
Scott Frankel, President, Animatic Media & Conference-On-Demand, Hicksville, NY

This session will review the latest in video technology including innovative ideas to take your event to the next level and providing you with cutting-edge tips on how to capture your event content on video for use post event to extend the life and reach of your event. From custom micro sites to YouTube, video technology can keep your event alive well after the event closes. Video technology can provide a new revenue stream through subscriptions and sponsors for your event, as well as keep your event current and forward thinking. We will also provide tips on hiring the right video technology company and what to look out for securing your video vendors. We will also discuss marketing your event business by using video technology and resourcing footage from events you produce. You will leave this session wanting to include video technology in your next event and we will show you how to do it right!


ISES_Approved(icon)smMeeting Architecture That Promotes Engagement and Forges Relationships
Paul O. Radde, PhD, The Thrival Institute, Boulder, CO

As a meeting professional, you typically are the last one to sit down (if at all). Consequently, you rarely get to experience the psychological impact that a seating style can have on the attendees and the speaker. In this live demonstration you will experience three distinct perspectives on meeting architecture that build on your authority and future setup requests. Learn 3 principles with which to design, troubleshoot and set any meeting space. Capture 12 points for fine tuning the meeting space and develop new criteria for setting up the learning environment. This audience-centered approach considers AV, ADA and audience: safety, comfort, networking, access, line of sight and increasing capacity.


WeddingTrackLogoBe Your Own Wedding Publicist
Meghan Ely, President, OFD Consulting, Richmond, VA

A wedding business owner wears many hats including that of the vitally important publicist. Do you know the best way to invest your time and talents to yield the maximum exposure for your brand? Do you use social media to its fullest potential? Do you know how to track your traffic and identify your strongest sources of lead generation? Learn everything you need to know about real wedding submissions, various social media platforms and the free publicity tools you could be using right now to attract qualified prospects and adoring fans.


2:15pm - 3:15pm

Event Technology that Works
Dan Berger, Founder/CEO, Social Tables, Washington, DC

In order to adapt your business to today’s fast moving market, it’s critical to adopt new technology. Join this session to learn about 40 new technology products, 6 requirements your next investment should have and how to prove ROI. Learn what areas of your business can use technology to make your life easier!


ISES_Approved(icon)smEvent ROI: How to Create an Event That Drives Business for Your Client
Cassie Brown, CSEP, Chief Experience Officer, TCG Events, Charlotte, NC

Face-to-face meetings and events should be an anchor in any brand’s marketing mix. When done right, live events are a successful technique for marketing, employee engagement and networking. The problem is perception: So many organizations settle for outdated, unimaginative and, quite frankly, boring events, that the reputation of live events has suffered. Live events are still vital to the branding mix, but at many companies they need to be reinvented. To create events that truly drive your client’s business – and keep them coming back to you for future events – what’s needed is an innovation mindset when approaching event design. This presentation will employ a highly visual set of successful, business-driving events including lessons learned, best practices established and client feedback post-event.


Market Like a Rock Star
Darnyelle Jervey, MBA, Author, Speaker, Coach, Business, Brand and Marketing Strategist, Incredible One Enterprises, LLC, Newark, DE

Would you love to have a $100,000+ business? Then join Darnyelle Jervey for Market Like a ROCK Star™, where she shares her top success secrets to transform you from a marketing rookie into a marketing star! You’ll discover how to create marketing systems that lead to massive business growth. Learn the proven four-part system for creating ROCK-solid business building results: Re-align your time and priorities, shift the way you think about your business and marketing, outline your audience and the specific problem you solve, create client-magnetic marketing materials that pull clients in and close the sale every time and know how you’ll serve clients with a product progression plan so you build clients for life.


WeddingTrackLogoFrom a Bride’s Vision to Her Dream Wedding
David Everett, Senior Wedding and Event Producer, The JDK Group, Camp Hill, PA

It takes dedication and skill to listen to the wedding couple’s vision, interpret the needs and desires, then produce a wedding that makes all of their dreams come true – all while considering the budget. Join David for this session where he will share a point by point method to help learn where to look for the design inspiration, how to design unique wedding environments, how to sell your design concept to the bride and groom and a list of special touches that when fitted into the wedding design make the event truly memorable.


3:30pm - 4:30pm

How to Read a Client’s Personality to Design a Winning Event
Shawn Rabideau, President, Shawn Rabideau Events & Design, New York, NY

In creating the design for floral and décor for any event, Shawn Rabideau makes each event fit the personality of his client. While many designers have a signature style that brands their event, Shawn really listens to the client so the end result fits their personality. In this seminar he will discuss the design process and how it benefits his clients through photos and visuals.


Google + Hangouts on Air – Get On Board With the Latest in Video Marketing
Debbie Horovitch, Google+ Hangouts on Air Producer and Consultant, Social Sparkle & Shine, Toronto, Ontario

Video content, whether it is a webinar, an event-related video, a promotion or a hybrid online-offline event, can have huge benefits for small business owners. You probably know that video drives SEO and many of you may already have a YouTube channel. Google+ Hangouts on Air is the next evolution in creating and sharing video. This session focuses on how to formulate your video concept and strategy using Google+ HOA and how to get started.


Brain Writing. 108 Ideas in 30 Minutes
Presented by ISES
Jodi Collen, CSEP, Director of Event & Confrence Planning, Augsburg College, Minneapolis, MN
ISES_LogoPurple_sm    ISES_Approved(icon)sm
Brainstorming encourages a group to generate creative ideas verbally where, without censorship, only the most vocal people tend to participate. Brain writing is an idea-generating method that enables an entire group to generate ideas and solutions to several problems/issues simultaneously on paper. This group activity is focused and individualistic, yet it taps into collective input as participants build on each other’s ideas. This session will lead participants through an interactive brain writing session resulting in 108 new ideas in 30 minutes followed by a group debrief. You’ll learn how to creatively brainstorm and quickly develop solutions while ensuring all team members are actively involved.


Marketing to Same-Sex Couples
Bernadette Coveney Smith, President, 14 Stories Gay Wedding Institute, New York, NY

Same-sex marriage is becoming legal in more and more states and the LGBT wedding market is booming. Is your business ready to tap into this lucrative market? In this seminar, you’ll learn best practices for reaching this emerging market including appropriate language and terminology, where to advertise and much more.


4:45pm - 5:45pm

FEATURED SESSION – Integrating Social Media into Event Design
Cara Kleinhaut, CEO, Founder, Caravents, Inc., Beverly Hills, CA

Social media has become a staple at every event as it allows guests to be brand ambassadors to the program, product and event being celebrated. It allows sponsors and brands to obtain valuable insight into how and what their consumers are feeling about their latest products and upgrades, by plugging directly into their social feeds. In addition, social media allows a brand to reach millions of friends, fans and followers by allowing guests to share their experiences with their own friends, fans and followers. If a brand is able to reach 100 guests that have 20 followers on each of their social media networks, that brand has now just reached 2,000 people that are influenced more by what their friends are saying than the celebrity endorser for the product on television. In the presentation, you will learn how, why and where social media is best utilized through examples and case studies Caravents has used in the past and work to integrate in the future.


Having Inspiration Dehydration? Let Us Quench It!
Bonny Katzman, President, BK Design, Boston, MA; Wendy Segal, Owner, Radius Event Design, Nedham, MA; and Barbara-Jo Saler, Owner, Barbara-Jo Saler Events, Wynnwood, PA

Looking for stimulation, motivation and spark for your “eventive” endeavors? Attend this fast-paced session for inspirational sources and real-life solutions from award-winning event planners across the globe. They will also reveal trendy blogs and favorite hidden website gems to give you tools for your imagination to run wild! Upon your exit, you’ll have a stash of cutting-edge ideas and a list of URLs that offer free creative bling. Show up on time…every minute will count!


Marketing to Women Through Events
Melinda Joseph, Co-Owner/Founder, Sassy City Chicks, a division of Raymi Productions, Chicago, IL

Women today are a powerful consumer force. They now control $3.3 trillion in consumer spending, are responsible for 80% of household buying, control more than 50% of the wealth in the U.S., make 62% of all car purchases and take more than 50% of all business trips1. Find out how to reach this busy, mult-itasking and powerful demographic market segment with a strong brand connection at events. This seminar is devoted to providing advice and tangible next steps for both the event production and event vendors/sponsors on how to use events to market to women. Get real-life examples that prove the value of events over traditional marketing and advertising opportunities. Get an understanding of the core components of creating noise as a brand at an event, learn how to capture the attention of women at an event and examine case studies of past event branding successes.


WeddingTrackLogoBest Day of Our Lives. Creating Unique, Customized Weddings
Robin Selden, Executive Chef/Managing Partner and Jeffrey Selden, Managing Partner, Marcia Selden Catering & Event Planning, Stamford, CT

Regardless of the budget, every bride and groom expect and deserve a wedding day experience that is memorable and designed to fit the needs, desires and interests of the bride and groom. Robin and Jeffrey believe it is possible to create an exclusive, tailor-made, bespoke wedding for every couple. Join them for this idea-packed session and learn the latest culinary and cocktail trends, presentation and menu styles, and favorably-priced service touches that add style to any wedding.