In the Spotlight: 2014 Technical Support Company of the Year

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Last week we began introducing you to the nominees of the 2014 Event Solutions Spotlight Awards. We started with the Technical Support Company of the Year runner-ups and today we bring you the winner: Onstage Systems!

This company was chosen due to its outstanding achievements in the technical aspects of event services support.

Onstage Systems

Onstage Systems

Onstage Systems is the official audio visual partner for Electric Run, a nighttime 5k run/walk experience where participants travel through a light show. For these marathons, Onstage Systems creates “lands” of lights and sound that transport the participants into an electric wonderland. This marathon is complicated as it travels to various host cities across the country, each of which requires unique installations designed and executed by Onstage Systems. Their company does all the lighting, sound and décor including glowing neon trees, tunnels with dancing patterns and figures on the walls, glowing lakes and rivers, tunnels made of rainbow laser lights, and other installations in psychedelic glowing colors. Most of these elements change colors with the tempo and beat of the music.


Onstage Systems is no stranger to the world of music and extravagant light shows. In 2013 they provided all staging, sound, lighting, 3D image mapping, and EFX for the two-day Sun City Music Festival. The weekend had multiple complications, which required Onstage Stystems to solve problems creatively, plan strategically, and work as a team. First, each artist needed to be worked with on an individual basis to go over their performance including sound, video and lighting requirements, taking much pre-production coordination. Additionally, the week brought record-breaking rainfall to Sun City, making the outdoor venue wet and flooded. The team had to work together to make sure that all attendees remained safe as the build out was now on unstable ground.

Are you having an amazing year? Now is a great time to begin reviewing your past and upcoming events for entry into the Spotlight Awards. We’re making big changes to the rules this year to make the awards 100 percent merit based – no more people’s choice voting! Stay tuned for more information on rules, categories and entry dates.


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