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Content should fit into one of the following categories:

Solutions: Our broadest category, Solutions addresses everything from sales and marketing issues to new tech.

Trends: What’s in? What’s out? Let us know what you’ve been noticing, from popular colors to event management. Trends should be overarching and time-specific and can draw from other industries.

Design: Get into the nitty gritty with event design—posts should be by event designers, for designers and design enthusiasts.

Weddings: Here comes the wedding planner! Share your planning stories and wedding solutions.

Food & Beverage: Food, beverage and everything that comes with it. From hors d’oeuvre to the final sweet bite of dessert, this category keeps the meal in mind.

Products & Services: If you’re specifically writing about a new set of products or services to solve a specific problem or anything new on the market that you’ve found—see below guidelines on promotion or disclosure—this is the category for you.

Types of posts:

Here are a few of the types of posts we like to see.

Before and After: Did you completely transform a space? Want to prove it? Write a Before and After, including a lot of photos from your event.

500-800 words, at least three photos

Problem and Solution: Similar to a Before-and-After, pose a problem that you’ve had and at least one solution that you have discovered.

500-800 words, at least one photo

Event Diary: Get personal! Take notes during the course of event production. Whether you’re an intern or an experienced professional, a first-person diary-style account of an event can be fascinating to anyone.

300-800 words, with photos and organized by date or timeline

Lists/Slideshows: Do you have 5 new event ideas for fall? Know of 30 new apps for designers? Write a list.

Under 75 words for each list item, with images for every list item if possible.

How-To: How to posts contain step-by-step instructions on how to solve a problem or create something new, with photos for each step, if possible.

500 words

Profile: Write about an event or company, keeping it as brief as possible. Make sure you answer the questions Who? What? Where? When? Why? and How?

300-500 words, with at least one photo

Q&A: Interview one of your heroes, a charity leader or an up-and-comer making an impact in the industry.

500-800 words, with at least one photo.

Seeking an Answer: What if you have a problem with no solution? Provide your context, then ask our community of readers and commenters for their suggestions.

150-300 words

Video content is also welcome for any of these topics. Please contact Deborah Carver if you would like to develop, share or post a video.

We also seek short, standard blog posts, but please try to fit your ideas in the above formats. If you don’t think you can do that, contact Liese Gardner with your idea before you post.

Who should post on Event-Solutions.com?

Are you an event planner, designer, supplier, caterer or educator? If you’re an events industry professional, this is your community. Feel free to fill out an application to write for Event-Solutions.com.

Why should I post on Event-Solutions.com?

Because you can simultaneously boost your industry profile, share your skills, strut your stuff and ask practical questions to other events professionals. Event-Solutions.com aims to create a community of like-minded professionals.

10 Content Guidelines for Event Solutions Bloggers

1. Post original material that you haven’t published anywhere before. One month after you’ve posted first on Event-Solutions.com, feel free to publish your content on your own website, blog or newsletter.

2. Be transparent about your connections. We understand that this is a networked industry, and relationships with other industry professionals are common. But be sure to disclose if you have an employment, vendor-client or other relationship with anyone you’re discussing in your post. Any kind of personal or professional connection should be disclosed and your readers will trust you more.

3. Share useful information. Our key focus is to provide “solutions” for event professionals, so ask yourself the following questions:

  • Am I identifying a problem for the events industry that inspires others to solve that problem?
  • Am I solving a problem in the events industry—or potentially solve a problem?
  • Is my post relevant to a large group of events industry professionals?
  • Is my post engaging and educational enough to spark a conversation?

If you can answer yes to any one of these questions, then go ahead and publish your post!

4. Avoid self-promotion and over-promotion. Sure, we all like to pat each other—and ourselves—on the back every now and again, and that’s great! But we all know when friendly professional acknowledgement turns into something that’s a little too much (i.e., your employer’s name is in every paragraph and is the only solution to every problem). Don’t cross that line.

5. Give your posts context. If the idea is part of a larger conversation or trend, be sure to reference it. Link back to other relevant ideas and any references.

6. Post relevant images… and have permission to post them! Photos are central to our industry; the visuals make the point heard and relevant images are necessary for a successful Event-Solutions.com article. But make sure that you ensure that you have the rights to a photo before posting. If we find that a photo is not yours, your whole post will be removed immediately.

7. No single-product promotion. If the entire point of your blog post is to discuss a brand new product that you have a financial stake in (either as an investor, inventor or publicist), please email Kathryn Frankson [[email protected]m] for promotional options or send a press release to our news department [[email protected]]. Overt ads and repurposed press releases will be removed.

8. Make sure it’s readable and organized. You don’t have to be an English teacher or grammar fiend, but please reread and use spell check before you press “Publish.”

9. No libel or hate speech. We know that you know this, but please ensure that the facts you’re posting are true, that you’re not defaming anyone and that you’re generally treating people fairly. We want to keep Event-Solutions.com a positive and productive space.

10. We reserve the right to approve and remove anything posted on Event-Solutions.com.

If you would like to become a contributor, please fill out the Contributor Application.